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About us

Hi! I'm Laura, the owner and creator of Lil Fuzzybutts.

Lil Fuzzybutts started when I couldn't find any cute products for my indoor free roaming bunny in the local pet stores. Everything I found was either too big, ugly, or over priced. I love a good DIY project so of course I started my research and went on a shopping trip to my local fabric store. After falling in love with so many beautiful fabrics I decided to take a chance and make a bunch of beds in the hopes that I would be able to sell a couple. 

After selling out of my first collection in the first week I realised there was a demand for beautiful small pet beds in Australia and decided to continue on making. I still get excited whenever I make a sale and I truly love everything about this little business I have made and the community I've become a part of.

I make every bed myself and whilst I try to achieve perfection every time they are a handmade product and small imperfections "which i call character" will occur. 

If you have any questions or custom requests please fill out the form below.